Blessed Elbows

Blessed Elbows!

When I was new in your land (blessed Land!)
You pushed and jostled and encroached upon
My young, impatient “space”–
I hardly forgave you.

In time, I learned to avoid you, (annoyed, still)
But not really minding
Or noticing, either.

Today I heard your story (casually, eating my lunch)
Heard that in Warsaw, in other days, such awesome days
You had to elbow past the hordes of your brethren,
Wretched, starving, dying,
Jews, like you, massed against their will,
Waiting for their –“solution”.

O, Blessed Elbows, I bless you, in your land
May you know comfort, rest, full blessedness
May you see your children’s children;
May you never be ignored.

Elisheva Shomron – 12/1988

“Lift up your eyes, and look around; All of them gather together, they come to you. “As I live” declares the Lord, “you shall surely put on all of them as jewels, and bind them on as a bride.

For your waste and desolate places, and your destroyed land — Surely now you will be too cramped for the inhabitants, and those who swallowed you will be far away.

The children of whom you were bereaved will yet say in your ears, ‘this place is too cramped for me; make room for me that I may live here’.”

— from Isaiah 49

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