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The name "YeshEsh" comes from two Hebrew words, "Yesh", meaning "there is", and "Esh", which means "fire".

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Elisheva's Friends

Gabriela Danieli

Gabriela Danieli was born in 1960 in Switzerland.
When she was 19 years old she took off to “travel the world” to discover the meaning of life. She sought answers in different places, philosophies and religions, hoping to make it eventually to India.

She never made it that far; her life took a dramatic turn in the Sinai desert (then under Israeli sovereignty). It was there that she came to believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and in the Messiah of Israel.

In 1984 Gabriela married Rami Danieli, a messianic Jew who presently works as a Tour Guide. The Danielis live in the Galilee with their son; they have 3 grown daughters living abroad.

Hannah Amit

Hannah Amit has lived in Israel since 1974. She has authored four collections of poetry and a novel and has been published in anthologies in Israel and abroad.

Since 2001 Hannah has worked as an editor and journalist combating foreign media bias on behalf of the Jewish state.

She is the proud mother of five adult children and delights in growing numbers of grandchildren.

Sue Orde

Sue Orde and her husband travelled through Europe from the U.K. to Israel with their young family in 2003 during the second intifada. Their life here has been an adventure of faith ever since, and it has been the solid rock of God’s Word and His faithfulness revealed in many everyday miracles that has held them firm through the challenges of the years.

Sue has a heart for worship, and is an active member of the worship team in their local congregation. Rumah Adonai, as a collection of songs, is a journey through some of the Scriptures that have been so important in her walk with the Lord during this time.

Paul David Benjamin

Paul David Benjamin is an amateur psalmist and songwriter. He has been a street musician in Jerusalem playing djembe and guitar, has accompanied numerous Israeli musicians at the piano, and offered improvisational house concerts in Israel and abroad.

These piano improvisations were recorded live on a George Steck baby grand piano in Tania Buchanan‘s living room in Siesta Key, by Andre Sas who edited, titled, and mastered the CD.


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